Slack Channels

Channels are the most effective way in Slack of organizing conversations around specific topics. It’s easy to create one and add as many people to the channel as needed. It’s also easy to archive a channel when it no longer serves a purpose.

Channels can be set as either “public” or “private”. Public channels are visible to everyone in the school. Private channels are visible only to invited members of the channel.

Default channels

All new members of the school’s Slack workspace are added automatically to the following channels:

  • #announcements – This is for important, school-wide announcements. To cut down on the clutter, only select few individuals can post here.
  • #all-school – This is a general, school-wide channel to which anyone can post. Feel free to post things here, but be mindful that your messages go out to everyone at the school.
  • #schedule – The master schedule for the upcoming week is posted here on Friday afternoons. Keep an eye on this channel for schedule revisions during the week, which happens most weeks.

Students will also be added to a channel for their specific cohort — #bfa1 #bfa2 #bfa3 #mfa1 #mfa2 — for any communication that’s specific to just their year group.

Course and production channels

Many faculty members will set up Slack channels for their classes. We ask them to use a prefix in the channel name that’s based on the semester and year, so that all the course channels get grouped together in the sidebar. For the Fall 2019 semester, the prefix is fa19- followed by a descriptor for the course — e.g., #fa19-directing #fa19-cinematography #fa19-ethics

Channels are also often created for different production cycles – #fa19-f1 #fa19-d1 #fa19-bth – and instructors will sometimes require ATL teams to create channels for their specific shows.

Creating and archiving channels

To create a new channel, click on the (+) button in the sidebar and fill out the form to create the channel. New channels are public by default; if you want the channel to be private, don’t forget to click the button to enable privacy when you create the channel.

To archive a channel, simply type /archive into the channel’s message box and the channel will be sent to the vaults. You can still search for and unarchive the channel, should you need it again at a later date.

Leaving or muting channels

If you’re subscribed to a channel, but are tired of getting notifications about new posts, you can mute the channel by typing /mute into the channel’s message box. You’ll still be subscribed to the channel, but all notifications will be silenced.

If you no longer want to be in a channel, type /leave into the channel’s message box and your subscription to that channel will end.