Stage-Adjacent Areas

The sound-lock area between the sound stages and its storage room, the loading dock and wood shop are considered stage-adjacent areas, and fall under the following policies:

  • The sound-lock area between the two stage loading doors, its storage room, the loading dock, and wood shop are not storage areas and must not be used for storage of any kind.
  • The sound-lock storage room is for administrative use only.
  • The loading dock and wood shop may be used for spillover construction only upon receiving permission from the Stage Supervisor. Clear and safe access for anyone using the building or loading dock must always be available. Nothing may ever be left in these areas for more than two hours (this would be considered storage).
  • These areas may not be painted in any way, whether intentionally or accidentally. If it is necessary to use these areas to paint scenery, drop cloths or other protection must be used, and all precautions taken to assure that no paint will be left on any surface in these areas.
  • No building scraps, materials, or sawdust may be left overnight. These areas must be completely cleaned of all building materials, scraps, and scenery before 8:00 am each day, and thoroughly cleaned and swept at the end of the designated construction period.