Critchfield Hall

All of the D1 shows shoot at Critchfield Hall. Two productions shoot per day, with one show occupying the “upstairs” area and one show occupying the “downstairs” area. The floor plans below show the available interior spaces for each floor: yellow for the upstairs area and blue for the downstairs area. Please make note of the room numbers when referring to specific spaces.

The exterior space around the building is divided into numbered areas (0001-0008) to help the two productions shooting on a given day communicate with each other about their footprint. Note that 0004 serves as parking for the downstairs show and 0005 serves as parking for the upstairs show.




Critchfield Hall is located approximately 10 miles northwest of the school’s main home in University Center A:

When providing directions to cast and crew, you can use the PDF above or share this link to Google Maps.

Pro tip: When heading towards Critchfield Hall, the final traffic light you hit (right after you pass the I-10 freeway) requires a complete stop on red. There’s a good chance you’ll get a ticket if you roll through on a red.