Concept Prep (BTH)


This is the opportunity for the directors to share their vision, and for the producers to share their plan with the Thesis Faculty. This whole section should last no more than 15 minutes.

  1. Director will Pitch the current story to Faculty that have read the script. Please be concise and to the point. What is this film about? A 5 minute retelling of the script is not a pitch.
  2. Director will show the BEST take of the top two actors that you are considering for the LEAD Roles of the film. If you are able to, show rehearsals, or something that gives us more insight.
  3. The Director will show images of actual locations, which demonstrate the WORLD of the film.
  4. The Director will Show lighting examples which illustrate the overall MOOD of the film.
  5. The Producer will give a logistics status report and summarize the overall Production Plan. This is an important part of the prep, so please do address problems and solutions.


Finally, the team should be prepared to answer any questions related to these items. We shall start asking any questions about story, and after that we shall move ahead with actors, questions about images, and so forth. Of course sometimes are all intertwined, but after the presentation we will start with questions about story.