Direct Messages

This selection of tutorials focuses on working with direct messages (DMs) in Slack. The tutorials include tips on how to send a direct message to someone from anywhere in Slack, how (and when) to convert direct messages into channels, and how to sort your direct messages by date.

Creating DMs from anywhere in Slack

Converting DMs into channels

Displaying DMs chronologically


This selection of tutorials focuses on some useful methods for organizing your channels in Slack. This includes tips on how to use stars to keep track of your favorite channels, how to configure the sidebar to show only the channels that are important to you, and how to create, archive, mute, or leave a channel.

Starring channels

Streamlining the sidebar

Creating or archiving channels

Muting or leaving channels

Organizing Messages & Files

This collection of tutorials provides tips on ways to keep track of important messages and files that you’re following in Slack.

Starring messages

Finding unread messages

Keeping track of read messages

Pinning messages and files

Finding files quickly

Creating Messages & Files

This collection of tutorials focuses on different ways of posting content to Slack, in the form of messages, files, posts, and threads.

Formatting text in messages

Creating “posts”

Creating “threads”

Sharing messages and files

Creating reminders

Basic Settings

When you first start using Slack, it can be helpful to adjust some of the default settings so that the workspace best suits your own personal needs. The tutorials below cover a few good places to start, including tips on how to display other users’ real names, how to set up notifications and reminders, and how to streamline the sidebar if you follow a lot of channels.

Displaying real names

Fine-tuning notifications

Using “Do Not Disturb”