Teradek ServePro Setup

Before arriving on set have your crew members download the free VUER app to their Android or Apple phones.

On set the Script Supervisors cart should be setup as shown below with the Directors monitor facing one way and the Script Supervisors laptop facing the other way.

In between them will be the three Teradek modules. Its a bit confusing because they are all made by the same company but they are the Bolt, the ServePro, and the Link.

The Teradek Bolt is a radio receiver which wirelessly connects to the Teradek Bolt transmitter that is mounted on the camera. This allows video from the camera to wirelessly get sent to the Script Supervisors cart.

The Teradek ServPro creates a local wifi network that allows up to 10 devices to monitor video over wifi using the VUER app.

The Teradek Link is a router which boosts the ServePros wifi signal so you can monitor from a farther distance.

The Bolt receives the video signal from the camera over radio. The video signal comes out of the Bolt and is split. One SDI goes to the ScriptE laptop and the other SDI goes to the Directors monitor. Then out of the Directors monitor the video signal is passed through over SDI to the ServPro.

Then from the ServPro the video signal is sent over wifi to the Link where the wifi is boosted and the video is sent via wifi to up to 10 phones.

Next you need to connect your phone to the Links wifi. Look on the bottom of the Link to see the wifi name and password.

Connect to to the Link wifi and enter the password.

Confirm that you are connected to the correct wifi. It is normal for it to say “No Internet Access”.

Open the VUER app and select Camera A to load a stream.

Select “Refresh” to load available streams. And the select “Encrypted Stream”.

Confirm the “Encrypted Stream” is loaded into Camera A and then select “Done”.

Enter the password which is fsufilm.

You can now monitor the camera feed over the Links local wifi hotspot.