Turnover to Color

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the media for color correction in Premiere. This happens after picture-lock has been completed. Since color correction is taking place in the same software as picture editing, there’s no round trip necessary to a separate color correction program. There is, however, some organization that needs to happen within Premiere before color correction commences.

  • First, open the “locked” version of the show’s Premiere Pro project and duplicate the FF01 sequence. This is to ensure that we don’t accidentally alter the original locked sequence. To distinguish the two sequences, add “CC” (for color correction) to the name of duplicate version:
  • Open the FF01_CC sequence and delete all of the sound, since you will eventually get new sound stems out of Nuendo after your mix:
  • Save and close the Premiere project. The Post Staff will then copy this project from your local machine up to the SAN. That way your Premiere project can be media-managed and set up in a color suite.