Walkaway Wraps

A “walkaway wrap” is when equipment remains at a shooting location overnight.

The standard operating procedure for location shoots is for all school equipment to be packed up and removed from the shooting location at the end of each day. This is for a number of reasons: to protect the equipment from theft and damage; to protect location owners, and our relationship with location owners, by returning their space to normalcy at the end of each shooting day; and to protect the educational experience of the below-the-line crew, so that they have the opportunity to practice wrapping equipment safely and efficiently at the end of each shooting day.

On thesis productions only, students may request a walkaway wrap, but permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Approval is at the discretion of the Director’s Prep Faculty and the Head of Set Operations, and the following conditions must be met:

  1. Requests must be made prior to the start of the show’s first day of production.
  2. Walkaway wraps may not be requested for family homes or other residential locations.
  3. Production must resume the day following the walkaway wrap. There cannot be any days off between the walkaway wrap and resuming of production.
  4. All department heads on the crew must approve the plan for the walkaway wrap.
  5. The Producer must provide a detailed description of which pieces of equipment would remain at the location and the reasons for why a walkaway wrap is being requested. Approval will only be given for rigging, where the extensiveness of the tear-down is a major factor.
  6. The Producer must provide a detailed plan for how the equipment will be secured safely at the location, to prevent theft/damage and to prevent injury to anyone who may enter the location before the crew returns.
  7. The Producer must provide a security professional to sit with the equipment overnight. The Head of Set Operations will determine whether or not a specific individual is approved for this task.